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That's No Moon, That's Rock And Roll - February 2009

         Febrary, apparently, is the RPM Challenge, which encourages people to record an album in the month of February, much like the national novel-writing month does with literature. I wrote and recorded the following songs in February of 2009 (ok, so actually I had so much going on at the end of the month that I didn't finish mixing until a few weeks later, but that's fine - now there's new music, and that's the point). They are in a somewhat varying degree of completion, though most are at least mostly finished, and all are (hopefully) listenable. Many were mixed in headphones (a no-no), which I intended to redo later, but never did. You can probably tell which ones were mixed more "properly", but when in doubt, listen on whatever sounds best, or whatever is convenient. It's just music, after all. Hopefully there's something in there that some of you will like - I like to listen to them. Enjoy!

  The Thermite Initiative
  Lock The Door (And Hope They Don't Have Blasters)
  Alas, Poor Zoidberg
  Edible Dynamite
  Pickle Inspector
  Charles Xavier Superstar
  My Ninja Gardner

Other Musics
  I Don't Mind test - unfinished jam trying out the new guitar cab and amp mods
  rockingthesong-01.mp3 - unfinished
  Surrender -
  All Right (Off upcoming album)
  Like Falling Sand (scratch acoustic) (Song on upcoming album)
  All Alone (scratch acoustic)(Song on upcoming album)
  Acoustic Jam
  Favorite of Mine
  Goodbye to You (Michelle Branch Cover)
  Minor Groove

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